Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w Ultimate Review And Lowest Price

Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w  Ultimate Review And Lowest Price

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  • Electric dirt bike with twist-grip variable throttle
  • Batteries charge in 4 to 6 hours
  • Motor 24 V 500-watt battery (two 12 V batteries)
  • 5, 10, and 16 MPH selectable speeds with key lock
  • Strongly recommended for ages 12 and up

Product Description:

Attention thrill-seekers: the MotoTec Electric Dirt Bike is calling your name. This electric dirt bike with twist-grip variable throttle achieves speeds of 5, 10, and 16 miles per hour. Parents can set maximum speed using the key lock. It runs on two 12-volt batteries for a total of 24 volts. Other features include knobby pneumatic tires, one front and two rear shocks, steel frame, aluminum brakes, front and rear disc brakes, and more. Adventure has a new two-wheeled companion. Additional Features Chain drive (11T front, 80T rear) Steel frame and aluminum rims 2.5×10 knobby pneumatic tires Front and rear disc brakes 2 front shocks and 1 rear shock Adjustable handlebars Battery meter Padded seat (single rider only) Key start Includes charger Batteries can be charged independently of the bike Batteries charge in 4 to 6 hours Additional Specifications Minimum ground clearance: 9 inches Seat height: 23 inches Wheelbase: 34 inches About Big Toys USA Big Toys USA is an US distributor for high quality ride-on toys from Spain, Germany, China, and Italy, along with a complete line of American-made rideable toys. Big Toys represents Fisher Price, Power Wheels, Big, Injusa, Kid Trax, Mini Motos, Feber, NPL, Evo Powerboards, and Toys Toys. Big Toys focuses on quality, safety, value, and most of all, Big Fun. Electric dirt bike with twist-grip variable throttle. Batteries charge in 4 to 6 hours. Motor 24 V 500-watt battery (two 12 V batteries). 5, 10, and 16 MPH selectable speeds with key lock. Strongly recommended for ages 12 and up. Weighs 66 lbs. and accommodates up to 150 lbs.. Dimensions: 49L x 22W x 32H in..
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Great components for a great price
By Super Daysh on October 28, 2013

I’ve only had this bike for a day now, but my initial impression is as follows:
This seems really well built and tough. Although I bought this for my kids, I decided to try it out myself. I’m 150lbs and it took me around on the lawn just fine. I’m mostly comparing it to the Razor mx350. The Moto Tec has much better suspension and brakes (as the later razor’s no longer have suspension at all, and only has a back brake). I also liked the 2 key approach where you can set it to Fast, Medium or Slow and then the other key turns the bike on and off. Although the battery looks like its an easy swap out, there are 4 bolts that you have to undo.

I really only have 1 complaint:
The turning radius is quite poor. If they had a little better design on the triple clamp that could be resolved.

And 2 suggestions:
The seat height is quite a bit too high in my opinion.
The back brake should also be converted to a foot brake similar to most small gas powered dirt bikes.

Other than that I think my kids are going to have a lot of fun on this bike!

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Sam Ammouri

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  • Devereux Carroll

    My grandson has a Razor rocket MX350 and he has mastered it very well for a
    5 1/2 yr old. The problem with the Razor MX 350 , the chain keep coming off when he goes over the smallest of bumps, we have returned it for a new one and the same thing happened. Do you think the Moto Tac would be large for him or too much bike for him?

    • Absolutely! I won’t let a kid less than 13 on top of a Moto Tac. It is much powerful bike that can not suite a 5/1/2 year old. Sorry to hear of your bad luck with the MX350. The best thing to do is to read the people previews under the product before purchasing anything, this is the cleverest way to learn about the product before a purchase.
      Sam Ammouri

    • I think not because I am getting this and I have rode one and its perfect for me.(im 5,3 and 12 years old)

  • My son has a 24volt Moto Tec dirt bike that he received for christmas and he hit a rock not very hard and it split the front forks at the seam, do you offer replacement front forks or have a suggestion on what I can do?


    • This site is only an affiliate site, we just advertise for you usually have some limited manufacturer warrantee. If not, I suggest you look into your invoice again and contact the party who shipped your merchandise as itself is affiliated with countless other merchants. hope you the best
      Sam Ammouri

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